Thursday, July 21, 2005

I've been tagged....

...thanks to Marvin.

1 - Imagine it’s 2015. You are visiting the library at a major research university. You go over to a computer terminal (or whatever it is they use in 2015) that gives you immediate access to any book or journal article on any topic you want. What do you look up? In other words, what do you hope somebody will have written in the meantime?

Well, I'd go and read all Dave's books. They don't sell them in Australia, so I've never had a chance to read any, let alone have any signed. But in answer to the direct question, I'd go to find a book titled something like "The complete, accurate, true and reliable guide to understanding women and how to bend then to your will". But it'll never happen.

2 - What is the strangest thing you’ve ever heard or seen at a conference? No names, please. Refer to “Professor X” or “Ms. Y” if you must. Double credit if you were directly affected. Triple if you then said or did something equally weird.

I've been to a few conferences, mostly computer related. There are lots of strange things there, most of them are the other conference delegates. But perhaps the strangest thing was seeing a cartoonist at one - he was a sort of quick-draw support for a comedy show here called "Hey Hey Its Saturday". He was doing free drawings of people that wanted to sit still long enough.

So I had a go.

He said: "What impresses you most about the conference".

I responded: "All the beautiful women whose whole job it is to suck up to you long enough to thrust their product brochure into your hands". He laughed and then did a characture of me surrounded by busty beautiful women waving brochures. I think I still have the cartoon somewhere. Probably in the shed....

3 - Name a writer, scholar, or otherwise worthy person you admire so much that meeting him or her would probably reduce you to awestruck silence.

Someone that I admire so much. Hmmmm. I'm not easily impressed, let alone reduced to speechlessness, as many people will readily tell you. I think Albert Einstein - he's impressive enough, I admire him enough, but (given my HS maths scores) the speechlessness would come from my not understanding a word he was saying.

4 - What are two or three blogs or other Web sites you often read that don’t seem to be on many people’s radar?

Well, Marvin's blog for one. He has to be watched. Constantly. And I'm an avid follower of Non-Sequitur.

Now....Who's next in line.... Ah! I know:

Morgan's Doglog.

And I put in a second vote for Wurm's blog - it is completely unsatisfactory to create a whole blog just so you can be the first to post on it, and then abandon it.


At 10:37 AM, Blogger Morgan said...

wysiwyg--thanks for the tag but I'm a DOG for heaven's sake. He and She don't take me to libraries or conferences. I will try to address the questions but in my own way. Check my glog in an hour or two.


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