Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Irish Joke

Paddy and Mick find themselves out of work.

Paddy goes into the unemployment agency and tells the clerk that he's a knicker stitcher - he sews the elastic onto women's knickers. The clerk looks up the job category and sees that it ranks as unskilled labour, and pays Paddy 80 pounds unemployment benefits and sends him on his way.

Then Mick goes in. He tells the clerk that he's a diesel fitter. The clerk looks up the computer, sees that that is a skilled job, and gives him 160 pounds and sends him on his way.

Later Paddy meets up with Mick and on finding out Mick is being paid twice what he is, storms back into the agency to complain. The clerk explains that a diesel fitter is skilled labour and rates a higher unemployment benefit.

"What skilled?!?" roars Paddy, I sew the elastic onto the knickers, then Paddy sticks them on his head and says "Diesel Fitter!"

Boom. Boom. I have a hundred of 'em....


At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and every one a gem.


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