Monday, February 23, 2009

The Poetry of Time Recording

Time recording is a vital part of project management as it goes to how much your project is costing - obviously the less time people record on your project the better, so its the PM's job to challenge every second being attributed.

It is also vital for a range of other professional service delivery organisations, particularly the legal profession (which typically charges in 6 minute increments).

Neo, who is of a whimsical nature and also under the influence of a child studying Shakespeare, decided to write the following poem, which I think is worthy of greater notoriety:

Timekeeping Sonnet

We track the hours of our toils thus,
A charge we must with diligence pursue.
Ere charge we those who so solicit us,
Solicitous to accuracy due.

Though tedious be it, keep you close account,
Of hours spent on each specific task.
Each minute scoring, each minute amount,
Litigious clients proof of labors ask.

So charge you well and oft in your careers:
With care precisely mark the clock that's bled,
To keep ahead of charges in arrears,
Or - mark my words – malpractice rears its head.

Thus be the reason paralegals keep
Close watch on time: our rates for clients, steep.


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