Tuesday, October 17, 2006

By way of rapid explanation....

... the film in the previous post was probably created at about the same time the following actual minute was prepared in our Department of Foreign Affairs (recently made available under the 30-year rule for release of Government documents).

You can see the minute by going HERE, then clicking "Misc Files" and "DFAT".

I was told (but I don't know if its true), that, at that time, if a woman got married she was forced to resign from the Public Service - hence all the references to how soon after joining girls got married and were "lost" to the Department.

*ducks again*

Update: Very spookily the following was circulated this afternoon:

"It is 40 years since the “Marriage Bar” was lifted. Under the “Marriage Bar” women were “deemed to have retired from the APS” on marriage. While they were able to work as temporary employees after marriage, this limited the career opportunities and types of work available to them. The Australian Public Service Commission is arranging a celebration to commemorate the lifting of the Marriage Bar, at a function being held on 20 November 2006....."

This puts the minute above at about 3 years before the public service got with the times....


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*is stunned*


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