Monday, December 04, 2006

More definitions

I just noticed that Bis Insomniac kindly added a few more definitions. I can specifically relate to the first one, having spent hours wrestling with the dang thing and getting nowhere:

rubik's cure - a big heavy mallet

blogarithmic growth - the rate at which new posts accumulate

imminent domain - the feeling prince charles gets when mom is ill

ESPirin - pill you take before you get a headache

UPDATE: Whooooops! That should read Insomniac added a few more definitions. Can't read my own blog apparently. Sorry Insom, and thanks for the correction Bis.


At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Bismuth said...

Though I consider it an honor to be mistaken for Insom, I cannot in good faith, accept the credit for those definitions, or for wishing you a happy birthday in the previous thread. However, I will wish you a happy belated birthday and come up with a clever definition of my own right now:

Persimonious (adj)- of cheap persimmons


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