Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Newsletter comment

This, from the (female) editor of an IBM developer newsletter of all things. I love the "Not the face" reference:


The question on everyone's mind lately -- a question that has the entire country waiting with bated breath to know the answer -- is can David Beckham do what no soccer mom in this country has accomplished so far: can he instil a love of soccer in childless couples and people over 12?

This is an enormous burden for one man even if he is married to a Spice Girl (who, by the way, will be touring worldwide at the end of 2007). Can he rise above being just another sport-celebrity-style icon to do for American soccer what Brian Boitono did for men's figure skating? Sure, he may grace the covers of Sports Illustrated and W magazine, but does he have enough girl power to win over a country full of baseball, football, basketball, and figure skating fans?

Many speculate why Americans don't watch soccer: we didn't invent it; it's a low scoring game; there's no commercial sponsorship; and so on. Personally, I think the real reason is that we can't fathom a game in which a ball is kicked at your head and you aren't allowed to throw your hands up and scream, "Not the face!" I don't know how David Beckham does it.


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