Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Are You Pink or Blue?

THIS is a web site pointed to by the Government Department I work for.

Personally, I think the questionaire was written by someone who is entirely Pink, and loving it.

My result was (and deep down I'm not sure I'm entirely happy about it):

"You lean toward pink.

Congratulations! You're a pink. Famous pinks include former President Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and Cameron Diaz.

As a pink, you put importance on making a personal connection with a person. You love expressing your feelings--whether it be telling someone how much you like their outfit, or planning an elaborate surprise birthday party for a loved one.

Blues on the other hand often like to skip all the chitchat and focus on getting specific tasks done. When dealing with blues, you may be thrown off by their lack of enthusiasm for sharing the details of their personal life--but just remember, you can't change a person's stripes! It's okay if a blue doesn't want to socialize before the start of a meeting. Blues value getting down to business, so let them take the lead--there will be plenty of time to share pleasantries afterwards."


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